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Saturday, 20 July 2024
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Somalia Information

Full NameSomalia
Short NameSOM
National CapitalMogadishu
Total Population15,183,443
Density per km2 (mi2) 24 (63)
Percentage In World Population0.20%
Land Area In km2 (mi2)627,337 (242,216)
% In World Land Area0.48%
Water Area In km2 (mi2)10,320 (3,985)
% In World Water Area0.24%
Total Area In km2 (mi2)637,657 (246,201)
% In World Total Area0.48%
NameSomali Shilling
Code ISO-4217SOS
National and Official LanguagesSomali, Arabic
Dialing Code
Dialing Prefix and Code(00) 252
Internet Top-Level Domain (TLD)
In Meter240
In Feet787
GPS Coordinates
Decimal Degrees (DD)5.152° N 46.2° E
Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)5° 9' 8" N 46° 11' 59" E
Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM)5° 9.12' N 46° 12' E
Time Zone
UTC Offset+03:00
Daylight Saving Time (DST)No Daylight Saving Time, same UTC offset for all year
Country Codes ISO-3166
Two LetterSO
Three LetterSOM

Somali shilling VS Most Traded Currency Exchange Rates

Exploring Somali shilling Exchange Rates Against Major Currencies. Discover how the Somali shilling (SOS) fares against some of the world's most traded currencies. Delve into an insightful comparison of SOS's exchange rates with renowned currencies like the US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP), and Chinese yuan (CNY). Explore the dynamics of these currency pairs, understanding their fluctuations and trends. Gain a deeper understanding of the SOS's performance in the global forex market and its impact on international trade and finance.

CodeNameExchange Rate
USDUnited States DollarSh 1 = 0.00175 USD
EUREuroSh 1 = 0.00161 EUR
JPYJapanese YenSh 1 = 0.27569 JPY
GBPBritish Pound SterlingSh 1 = 0.00136 GBP
CNYChinese YuanSh 1 = 0.01273 CNY

Compare Somali shilling (SOS) with Various Currency Exchange Rates.

Most Traded Currency VS Somali shilling Exchange Rates

The dynamics of international finance and trade are intricately linked to currency exchange rates, and understanding the fluctuating values of the world's most traded currencies against the Somali shilling opens a window into the global economic landscape. The title "Most Traded Currency VS Somali shilling Exchange Rates" encapsulates an exploration of how influential currencies like the US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP), and Chinese yuan (CNY) fare against the Somali shilling (SOS).

CodeNameExchange Rate
USDUnited States Dollar$ 1 = 571.27346 SOS
EUREuro€ 1 = 622.26563 SOS
JPYJapanese Yen¥ 1 = 3.62725 SOS
GBPBritish Pound Sterling£ 1 = 737.91351 SOS
CNYChinese Yuan¥ 1 = 78.57957 SOS

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