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Flag Of Niue

Current Date And Time In Niue

Thursday, 01 June 2023
01:15:57 NUT

Countries Near To Niue

Miles (mi)Kilometers (km)Nautical Miles (nm)HeadingSymbol
National Flag Of American Samoa American Samoa331 533 287
North (N)
National Flag Of Cook Islands Cook Islands671 1,081 583
East-southeast (ESE)
National Flag Of French Polynesia French Polynesia1,344 2,163 1,167
East (E)
National Flag Of Kiribati Kiribati1,086 1,748 943
North (N)
National Flag Of Samoa Samoa395 635 343
North-northwest (NNW)
National Flag Of Tokelau Tokelau710 1,142 616
North (N)
National Flag Of Tonga Tonga376 605 326
West-southwest (WSW)
National Flag Of Wallis And Futuna Wallis And Futuna605 974 526
Northwest (NW)

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