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Flag Of Libya

Current Date And Time In Libya

Monday, 08 August 2022
15:37:10 EET

Countries Near To Libya

Miles (mi)Kilometers (km)Nautical Miles (nm)HeadingSymbol
National Flag Of Albania Albania1,037 1,670 901
North (N)
National Flag Of Chad Chad758 1,220 658
South (S)
National Flag Of Egypt Egypt839 1,350 729
East (E)
National Flag Of Greece Greece919 1,480 798
North-northeast (NNE)
National Flag Of Italy Italy1,106 1,779 960
North-northwest (NNW)
National Flag Of Macedonia Macedonia1,086 1,748 943
North-northeast (NNE)
National Flag Of Malta Malta684 1,102 594
North-northwest (NNW)
National Flag Of Niger Niger840 1,352 730
Southwest (SW)
National Flag Of Sudan Sudan1,255 2,021 1,090
Southeast (SE)
National Flag Of Tunisia Tunisia695 1,118 603
Northwest (NW)
National Flag Of Vatican City Vatican City1,109 1,785 963
North-northwest (NNW)

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